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Java is my cup of joe. I'm part of the development team, testing and developing hardware, OS, phoneME and BUG API functionality. I'm enthused to help ensure that what ends up in your hands is 100% Grade A Prime BUG. This includes writing applications for the BUG. I studied Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Stony Brook University. Catch me on IRC at freenode.net in the buglabs channel.

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To: kgilmer

On: node.js for BUG 2.0 (Post)

"Hey Jason,Funny you should mention, Stefan Schmidt is helping to..."

To: akweon

On: Going IPv6 on BUG (Post)

"opkg update; opkg install openssl-dev scp -r myuser@myubuntu-host:/path/to/gogoc-1.2/  . cd..."

To: akweon

On: Going IPv6 on BUG (Post)

"It's gogoc now, and you can manually compile it.  I..."

To: jconnolly

On: Processing & BUG (Post)

"Hi Juego, I'll be looking to use Processing for Android..."

To: jconnolly

On: suggested (free) reading: (Post)

"Hey there cwhittenburg, Angstrom/openembedded sure does, but linaro is an..."

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BUG Software R2.1.0 (based on linaro 2.6.35) now available

Greetings BUGgers!TL;DR: http://wiki.buglabs.net/index.php/Changelog_2.1.0Release R2.1.0 is available for download.  This is a major release, utilizing a new kernel and networking API, intended for general customer use with BUGbase YT (2.0) hardware.   The build artifacts can be found at: http://dauber/buildbot/repo/full/54f94d5/  (internal)andhttp://bugcommunity.com/downloads/files/2.0/Releases/R2.1.0/ For instructions on how to upgrade, please see:  http://wiki.buglabs.net/index.php/Software:Update_Your_BUG_Memory_Card An SDK release is targeted for compatibility with this release.  Stay tuned for an email regarding the SDK. There is no longer a redmine roadmap associated with this release, as redmine.buglabs.net is volatile at...
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Processing & BUG

While using processing on ARM (via openjdk-6-zero) has been done for quite some time, (even using the Arduino IDE), we just got it working on BUG.Just running sketches couldn't be easier.  Processing 1.5.1 allows sketches to be exported as applications:After hitting that, you should see the Sketch's jar in tie .pde's directory.  scp that up to bug using your favorite scp client, and just:java -jar Sketch.jar.Here's the pointillism example (in processing-1.5.1/modes/java/examples/Basics/Image/Pointillism/):Running the IDE on BUG is...
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