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node.js for BUG 2.0

by Bug Labs team kgilmer  November 04, 2011

It was interesting to see the new Beagleboard "bone" project announcement today.  Particularly because of some software that ships with it; a browser-based development environment targeting the JavaScript language.  Given...

Java 7 (OpenJDK/IcedTea) for the BUG 2.0

by Bug Labs team kgilmer  October 14, 2011

For anyone interested in Java 7, I have built OpenJDK 7 (via IcedTea) for BUG 2.0 (Angstrom, armv7, Zero VM).  The binaries are available here.  The binaries are not provided as...

4 days and counting to the Open Hardware Summit!

by Bug Labs team agibb  September 12, 2011

We've got 4 days to go until the Open Hardware Summit! And it's coming together marvelously. Don't forget to get your ticket!The Open Hardware Summit is a venue to discuss...

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